Automation & Robotics Express Online

Introduction -

A medium effectively used to promote the automation and robotics business with companies, institutions, consultants, business entrepreneurs, policy makers, students sharing innovative solutions reaching out to the users and the industry promoting the business. The omega de ville repica watches information will help generate leads to promote new initiatives and technology to a focused and a larger audience through dissemination by online and E mailers to be connected for a 2 way interactions which is the key to the product advancement.  It is Indias first online newletter with rich content having a comprehensive outlook to cover the entire landscape of Automation & robotics sectors reaching out to kids, students, institutions, business entrepreneurs, corporate, associations, policy makers, manufacturing companies, SME’s, consultant, Global companies,  investors, banks,  innovators and others. The information  as a medium will help companies use this platform to promote their company and institution leading to prospective engagement and business. A medium well appreciated by the industry to be informed of the latest happenings. Also investors who are looking  out for investment opportunities for business will be use the platform to vetted projects & products in a way to promote the sector supporting the manufacturing hubs in the country. Indian & Global technology to be showcased through visual and video with the property  at part of the medium called  A & R - Video channel will give impetus to get more detailed reference and experience of the information and products.


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Also other marketing bids called INNOVATION PANEL & SHOTLIGHT being the highlight of the product where companies could share their innovation and get noticed for brand convergence and eye balls.