Water Management In India 2013

Water is a natural resource, fundamental to life, livelihood, food security and sustainable development. It is also a scarce resource. India has more than 17 percent of the world‟s population, but has only 4% of world‟s renewable water resources with 2.6% of world‟s land area. As per present estimate, India receives on average annual precipitation of about 4000 Billion Cubic Meter (BCM), which is its basic water resource. Out of this, after considering the natural evaporation- transpiration, only about 1869 Billion Cubic Meter (BCM) is average annual natural flow through rivers and aquifers. Due to spatial-temporal variations, an estimated 690 bcm of surface water is utilizable. Add to this 432 bc  of replenishable groundwater means, only about 1122 BCM is utilizable through the present strategies, if large inter-basin transfers are not considered.

Thus, the availability of water is limited but the demand of water is increasing rapidly due to growing population, rapid   urbanization, rapid industrialization and economic development. In addition, there are inequities in distribution and lack of a unified perspective in planning, management and use of water resources. India’s Union ministry is coming up with revised national water policy for the Improvement of water use efficiency, urban and rural water supply and sanitation. This revised policy will give a new opportunity to private players for implementation of new technologies in water supply and sanitation. Water is required for domestic, agricultural, hydro-power, thermal power, navigation, recreation, etc. Utilisation in all these diverse uses of water should be optimized and an awareness of water as a scarce resource should be fostered. The Centre, the States and the local bodies (governance institutions) must ensure access to a minimum quantity of potable water for essential health and hygiene to all its citizens, available within easy reach of the household.

*Data Source From Ministry of Water Resource Development & Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation.


The objective of “ Water Management In India-2013” conference to help understand new policies, and updates on National Water policy, increasing water use efficiency by 20% bring policymakers and stakeholders on a single platform, understand existing and potential opportunities under PPP and other possible solutions.

We will also discuss about the water supply and sanitation on an efficient manner for benefit of all. Water Management In India 2013 Conference will bring platform for water treatment service providers for health safety through latest technologies. Above all, we would like to be a platform for solutions in a developing water market.

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Water Supply & Sanitation Department, GoM
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Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board
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