Global Logistic in Mining - 2012

Global Logistics in Mining 2012 will explore and brainstorm the scope and opportunities to eradicate supply chain challenges in mining sector and operate in an organized sector with proper logistics support and infrastructural facilities.Exponent speakers and industry leaders will brainstorm over 20 sessions such as Challenges in Developing New Mining Projects, Transport Mode Risks & Disaster Management, LIS etc and will give the delegates a platform to interact, learn and collect business intelligence and strategic insight.

Key Topics

  • Global logistics: from the basement to theboardroom
  • Global Supply Chain: The backbone of globallogistics
  • E-Supply chain management
  • Bottlenecks of logistics infrastructure
  • International and in-country logistics

Key Speakers

  • Darryl McCoy, Thompson Creek Metals Company (USA)Vice President, Supply Chain
  • Nicholas Macan, Kinross Gold Corporation (Canada)Manager, Supply Chain Operations
  • Renato Torres, Rio Tinto (France), Port and Rail Manager
  • James Balzary, SolveIT Software Pty Ltd (Australia)Director Natural Resources
  • Alasdair MacLeod, Rio Tinto (UK)Manager , Operations Support Africa/Europe Region
  • Martin Plant, Rio Tinto Exploration (UK)Operations Support Officer
  • O.P Mishra, TATA Steel (India)General Manager (Logistics)
  • John Cederberg, Minera Panama S.A Inmet owned subsidiary inPanama (Canada)Manager, Procurement and Logistics

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Darryl McCoy
Thompson Creek Metals Company (USA)
Vice President, Supply Chain
Nicholas Macan
Manager, Supply Chain Operations
Kinross Gold Corporation (Canada)
Renato Torres
Port and Rail Manager
Rio Tinto (France)
Alasdair MacLeod
Rio Tinto (UK)
Manager, Operations Support Africa/Europe Region
Martin Plant
Rio Tinto Exploration (UK)
Operations Support Officer
James Balzary
Director Natural Resources
SolveIT Software Pty Ltd (Australia)
Linas Liubinskas,
International Mining Alliance (France)
O.P Mishra
General Manager (Logistics)
TATA Steel (India)
John Cederberg
Manager, Procurement and Logistics
Minera Panama S.A Inmet owned subsidiary in Panama (Canada)
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